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    Armoire de Mariage Chinoise Antique Set / 2 Empereur Fait Main Dragons L110xP55xH240cm

    Armoire de Mariage Chinoise Antique Set / 2 Empereur Fait Main Dragons L110xP55xH240cm


    Description du produit

    Why not add this antique luxury cabinet to your house and make the interior decoration more unique?

    [Design] This antique Chinese cabinet set has lots of separate storage compartments. On the left side, you can easily hang your clothes in the middle layer. On the right side, two shallow drawers inside separate one big space into two, which provides a better and more practical use propose of cabinet. The patterns on doors are crafted with traditional Chinese auspicious clouds and dragons patterns, meaning to bring bright future, happiness and luck to your family.

    [Material] This cabinet is made of elm, as one of the best material choices for luxury and carved lacquer furniture. Elm has straight textures and clear pattern. Elm is elastic but strong, and also resistant to moisture and corrosion.

    [Paint & Color] The sides and top are hand painted in bronze. At Fine Asianliving, we distinguish ourselves in the beautiful finish and especially the special natural lacquer layer. This lacquer layer is built up in six to eight layers during the restoration process. This creates the sparkling appearance that makes the character and soul of the piece of furniture speak more.

    Product information:

    Dimensions: L220 x W55 x H240cm

    *The upper part (H 60cm) can be separated with the lower part (H 180cm). And the left side can also be separated with the right side (L 110cm for each). Therefore, this furniture set has four pieces in total.

    Material: Elm

    Color: Bronze

    Questo prodotto è fatto e/o dipinto a mano e quindi unico. Ciò significa che può differire leggermente dall'immagine del prodotto.

    Materiale: Legno
    Colore: Marrone
    Larghezza in cm: 220
    Altezza in cm: 240
    Profondita in cm: 55

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