Fine Asianliving Room Divider 4 Panel Ganesha

Fine Asianliving Room Divider 4 Panel Ganesha
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Practical canvas room divider 4 panel with a grey Ganesha.

Ganesha is the god of beginnings, and he is also credited with writing the Mahabharata. He is a god of learning and of students. He is also the remover of obstacles, and is commonly invoked by devotees to make undertakings auspicious and to solve problems. Ganesha is greatly adored in India, his charms enhanced by his jolly appearance and his sweet tooth and pot-belly. He dances here joyfully in reference to his father Shiva’s cosmic dance.

The elephant head gave Ganesha a special kind of wisdom. Elephants were much revered in ancient India as well as today. They are impressive, intelligent, long-lived animals, that can be trained to be very helpful to men. Airavata, the elephant mount or vehicle of Indra, the Vedic King of the Gods, was associated with the clouds and rain, bringing life to earth from the heavens. Elephants are also found in art bathing the goddess with water from a lotus pond, in an act of reverence and purification. The name Ganesha means lord of the Ganas. Ganas are different kinds of demi-gods who had been worshipped since ancient times and have become Shivaís attendants.

This piece would make a great addition to a large room and serve as a subtle room divider whilst acting as a beautiful backdrop. The two-sided folding screen is multi-functional. It can be used to separate space in a room, cover a window or serve as a decorative element.


Dimensions: 180 cm x 40 cm (per panel)
Material: Canvas lining - High quality pine wood frame
Printing: On both sides
Structure: Comes fully assembled, fold-able for convenient storage

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