Antique Chinese Bridal Cabinet with Wood Carving - Ningbo China

Antique Chinese Bridal Cabinet with Wood Carving - Ningbo China
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Our Chinese furniture is unique and we distinguish ourselves in the beautiful finish and especially the special natural lacquer layer. This lacquer layer is built up in 6 to 8 layers during the restoration process. This creates the sparkling appearance that makes the character and soul of the piece of furniture speak more. Of course, the paint layer also serves as an extra protective layer. The decayed pieces of furniture are being restored and replaced by using real Antique kashiwagi. Kashiwagi is a type of wood that is unique in the world of furniture. It stands out for its color and structure, which are very different from other types of wood such as elm and pine.

The wood carving at the top of the cupboard shows a dance between two people in four parts. The large doors below show people in a house and people who arrive ride horses on their way to the house. The antique cupboard brings the atmosphere and feelings of Ningbo to your room.

Additional product information:
Dimensions: 103 X 50 X 176 cm
Material: Kashiwagi

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