Fine Asianliving Chinese Traditional Cabinet Bookcase Hand Painted

Fine Asianliving Chinese Traditional Cabinet Bookcase Hand Painted
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Why not add this oriental luxury cabinet to your house and make the interior decoration more unique?

?Design?This antique Chinese cabinet has three small drawers in the bottom and a pair of doors giving access to a big separate storage compartment above. The bottom is crafted and craved with a beautiful and traditional Chinese auspicious patterns.

"?????,?????" (Dong Bi Tu Shu Fu, Xi Yuan Han Mo Lin) is hand craved in the doors, which are sentences from a Chinese poetry written by Zhang Shuo in Tang dynasty. In Chinese culture, "??" means a secrete room in the haven that collects and stores tons of precious articles and books in the universe. "???" means a library. "??" means a Chinese royal garden. "???" was a place where educated and intelligent gentlemen meet up together and exchange thoughts. The whole sentence refers to a place where one has as many book collections as a royal family has, showing the man is knowledgeable and wealthy, which is a very high admiration in China.

?Paint?At Fine Asianliving, we distinguish ourselves in the beautiful finish and especially the special natural lacquer layer. This lacquer layer is built up in six to eight layers during the restoration process. This creates the sparkling appearance that makes the character and soul of the piece of furniture speak more.

?Material?This antique Chinese cabinet is made of elm, as one of the best material choices for luxury and carved lacquer furniture. Elm has straight textures and clear pattern. Elm is elastic but strong, and also resistant to moisture and corrosion.

Product Details

Dimensions: L110cm x W53cm x H218cm

Material: Elm

Color: Wooden, Natural

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