Wall Lighting

Lamps form a prominent part in Oriental interior. You will find a diverse assortment of modern and classy oriental lamps in various designs and sizes at Fine Asianliving. You are also welcome to browse our remarkable collection of Asian lamps, available in diverse designs with classic Japanese and Chinese elements. We also offer an exclusive selection of handcrafted Japanese lamps. These unique lamps will undoubtedly form a serene centerpiece in your room capturing the beauty and elegance of refined Asian culture.

Wall lamps produce a unique light that you will encounter with few other lamp types. By letting a wall lamp shine on the wall, your room gets a particularly beautiful mood lighting. Because you are flexible in a light with a wall lamp, the mood combinations are endless. In our 2000 m2 showroom in The Hague you will also discover a great diversity of atmosphere makers. You can also easily order our lamps online. Our beautiful wall lamps can be combined very well with our table lamps, floor lamps and hanging lamps and together create a beautiful Asian whole in your environment!

At Fine Asianliving we have wall lighting for every interior. In our collection you will find wall lamps with options for different light sources. Many people doubt whether they should go for a halogen lamp or choose LED lighting. Make sure that you realize that LED lamps are much more energy efficient. On the other hand, the halogen lighting is of higher quality. Difficult to choose? Orientique advises you to go for LED lighting when you make frequent use of the wall lamp. Is your wall lamp on less often? Then choose the halogen lighting. Although with many of our wall lamps you can choose from the light source, there are also lamps that only have the light source halogen or light source LED.