Fine Asianliving Thai Meditation Rolable Mat Large 100x200cm Red

Fine Asianliving Thai Meditation Rolable Mat Large 100x200cm Red
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This cushion from Fine Asianliving is specially made to make meditation just a little more pleasant. The Thai pillow is comfortable and contributes to an ergonomic posture while meditating.

Original Thai meditation cushion for inside and outside. The cushion cover is 100% cotton, the filling is 100% sustainable organic kapok. The handmade Thai cushion with double-stitched edges of durable and sturdy quality is comfortable and comfortable to wear. Use the pillow as a backrest in bed, on the couch or on the floor. You can also use the cushion as a handrail, leaning sideways against the cushion and reading a book on the couch. The cushion gives a nice support while you are relaxing.

Kapok is similar to a high quality down -- but is hypoallergenic and made from plant material. Kapok fibers are up to 8x less dense as cotton, and is even waterproof and quick drying. Kapok's texture is soft and smooth, yet malleable and resilient, which is why it is perfect for the supportive yet fluffy feel of our cushions.

Originally handmade from Thailand.

Product information

Dimensions: 100x200cm
Material: Cotton Cover.
Filling: sustainable organic Kapoc
Color: Red, Black and Beige.

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