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    Fine Asianliving Jade Massage Face Roller

    Fine Asianliving Jade Massage Face Roller



    Fine Asianliving Jade Massage Roller

    Do you suffer from dull skin, starting wrinkles, tension in the jaws, (tension) headache, fluid accumulation under your eyes, dark circles and bags, sagging skin, acne or hot flashes? Then the Jade massage roller is the ultimate solution for you.

    The Jade Massage roller is a skin care product that was already used by the empresses in ancient China as a beauty tool and can be used daily to maintain the youthfulness of the skin. The Jade massage roller is handmade from 100% Xiuyan Jade, a special edite stone with a cooling and healing effect. "Jade" means "beautiful" or "beautiful"

    The Jade facial roller provides a relaxing, cooling and smoother skin. In addition, it also helps with acne and gives a nice massage effect. It also helps to reduce bags and dark circles around the eyes.

    How to use?

    The Jade massage roller you roll daily (1 to 2 times a day) gently for about 5 to 10 minutes over your cleansed face. You have to put pressure, the weight of the Jade is sufficient.

    Cheeks, lips and chin

    Use the large roller and roll towards the ear from the nose bridge. Continue with your upper lip and chin. From your chin across your jaw line towards your earlobe. Repeat 3 to 6 times over the same area.


    Use the small jade roller and roll over the eyelids and under your eyes towards your sleep. Repeat 3 to 6 times over the same area.


    From the middle of your forehead you roll to the right or left. Start at the hairline and roll slowly towards your sleep. Repeat 3 to 6 times over the same area.

    Waste disposal.

    Start at your chin and roll from the middle out and up to your cheeks. Then roll down from your ear, through your neck and the collarbone to remove the waste. Repeat this 3 to 6 times in the same area.


    Clean your Jaderoller after use with lukewarm water and let it dry well. Never use hot water and chemical cleaning agents.

    This product is handmade and/or handpainted and therefore unique. This means that it may differ slightly from the product picture.

    Material: Stone


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